RBI Baseball 17 Switch

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NIFFER says:

Not the same This is to hard to hit. Low slowing games are no fun in a video game

DLSF says:

Hitting doubles with RBI Baseball 17 for the Nintendo Switch Since I can’t give half stars, I’ll state upfront that my rating is probably around the 3.5 star range. The game is not great or perfect but it is an acceptable game if you overlook some flaws. 

Rezivor says:

A bare bones baseball game (but is still somewhat enjoyable). I just got RBI Baseball 2017 a week ago for the Switch. I was excited to pick it up, cause I haven’t got a baseball game when it was new since the Dreamcast days. RBI is a simple/bare bones game. Despite being a new game…it kinda has a older or retro baseball game feel to it. Like Tommy Lassorda Baseball on the Sega Genesis. Or Baseball on Turbografx16. The gameplay does take a little getting used to. But the controls are easy to remember. The graphics are alright, but nothing impressive…

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